“Big News – It’s Official!”

At SpotOn Sports we have always known it was true but now it is actually official! The SpotOn Football helps coaches teach and children learn.

The Proof

A study was set up by SpotOn Sports in association with University College Cork to determine the efficacy of this unique football aimed at coaching young children in the basic skills of Gaelic football. The results have been released this month and we are delighted to share them with you.

The Children

The study was carried out over a 10-week period and produced findings that verified what we knew already – 100% of the children found the ball fun and engaging to use. It was warmly received by all the children who saw the football as a helpful visual aid for learning. Almost all of the children, 95%, showed an increase in perceived competence after using the ball over the 10-week period.

We know that when children feel they are playing well as part of a team then it is wonderful for their confidence. The happier they are to play at a young stage then the more likely it will be that they remain with the sport for years to come.

The Coaches

The study was specifically designed to determine feedback on the balls actual use within a coaching environment both from the point of view of coaches and from the children who were being coached

When it came to the opinion of the coaches the results were unanimous. All the coaches surveyed said the ball helped them introduce the skills of the game to the children.  And a whopping 100% of coaches said the football helped the kids to understand the skills. The simple method of using the ball to show where to put the hands helped them learn quicker. It also helped the children focus on the basic skills.

Powerful Results

The work conducted by UCC in this area is building an overall picture of skills development in the sport and will prove useful to experts and novice coaches alike in working with children to develop both skills and a love of the sport.

If you want to see the complete report, take a look here