Gaelic Football is Everything

Some people are lucky to find their passion in life when they are a young child.  Cork senior footballer Brian Hurley was certainly one of those.  Here Brian speaks to us about how he feels about the game and reminds us that nothing lasts forever so we should be enjoying it.  Wise words as we enter this new year.

‘Gaelic football is everything I do really, it always came first no matter what.  I’ve been playing it since I was 6 years old.  What I love about the game is that while it is an amateur sport it is taken so competitively and is played all over the world.

I have done a lot of coaching with underage teams in different counties and even in the states.  To see how passionate people can get about our game drives me on more.  That’s why I got involved in coaching, to hopefully see younger players playing at inter county level at some stage.

Sports Highs & Lows

I am 25 years old now and along the road I have had many highs and lows.  Two years ago I sustained a serious injury which required surgery on my hamstring.  I was side-lined for 9 months, then on my very first game back it happened again.  My football career looked likely to be over, however, I managed to travel to London to a surgeon who was willing to operate on me.  I’ve been side-lined for the past 12 months and hope to return to football this year.

For so many, you don’t understand how lucky you are to play our unique game and I only realised this when I have spent my last 2 years doing everything I can to get back out there.  Enjoy the time while you can because it doesn’t last forever.’

A Child’s love of Sport

When you realise how the passion of a sport can enrich your life you want to share that with the world and that is what Brian is doing.  We should encourage our children to have a love for this wonderful game with the hope that their lives will be enriched as his is.