For any parent the smile on a child’s face is the best present they can get.

Seeing your daughter or son having fun with their friends and arriving home tired after playing with them is a memory that stays with you for a long time. These happy memories made as a child will stay with them also as they enter adulthood and look back on a happy childhood filled with laughter and fun.

Learning is fun

Sports and team games are often a big part of that fun as a child.  However, some children have different experiences than others when it comes to trying out a new sport.  Each child will learn in their own way and at a different pace so it’s important for the coaches and teachers to make it a good experience.  When a child gets the basic skills then the sport becomes a game and lots of fun.  When they cannot keep up with the others, frustration will soon turn to tears.

For a young child any visual aids that you can use to help them learn at the start will give be a great benefit.  That’s why the Spot On Football was introduced.  It’s a simple concept, a standard child size ball with one big difference – markings on it to easily explain where to hold and kick.   The child learns by listening to the coach and using this training ball for re-enforcement.  Simple but effective.

When the child gets the basic skills at the start it means they will have a chance to play as part of a team on an equal level.  Making the whole experience more fun and the likelihood of them continuing with the sport more certain.

Benefits of sports

There are many benefits of children getting involved in sport.  They are out in the fresh air getting exercise and making their bodies strong and healthy.  They are meeting new friends, learning new skills and knowing how to be part of a team.  Their confidence will grow and they will have been exposed to new experiences, new places and meeting new people.

When the experience is fun and they get results they will stay with the sport and their childhood player friends will be a support through life.  Young players then become part of the community to grow up and encourage the next generation of young players to be proud of their club and their local area.

Be your best starts when you are on the pitch as a child but it will stay with you forever and support you during a lifetime.

The Spot on Football is being used by clubs and schools around Ireland and you can get yours delivered directly to you here.